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Best CS:GO Betting Advice

December 16, 2020, 12:37
Best CSGO Betting Advice


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an esports game (played on computers or online) with its premise and storyline based on one team preventing a terrorist attack prepared by the other group. This game has gained worldwide popularity, with millions of dollars being wagered regularly on the games’ outcomes.

Another thing that sets the game apart is that it is fun to watch and even more fun to play and make predictions. In the earlier days, when betting on esports was in its infancy, it was done majorly for passion and clout; it required great dedication and knowledge of the game. If we are trying to maximise profit now, we also should be interested in the game.

In doing that, we will see more patterns and make more concrete decisions that will land us even more profit whenever we place our bets on CS:GO.

Nowadays, people make a lot of money every day betting on CS:GO outcomes. There is no perfect set of instructions that would ensure that you always win; even the best pundits lose money in lousy betting streaks. What we offer, though, are some good betting ideas, tips and advice that will ensure you win more regularly and with more significant rewards.

Here we go!

Tips and Tricks for CS:GO Betting

1. Study the Competition/Tournament

Games are played daily and big competitions come up now and then. Not all these competitions bring similar outcomes. Some contests have a more significant impact on players’ morale than others. You will have to keep an eye out for those spur teams to play better than they would on an average day.

One way to do this is to study a team’s history in a particular tournament to gauge how far you would expect them to go in the same competition. Bookmakers also tend to be more generous and give better odds for some competitions when compared to others. Please pay attention to this and use it to your advantage when you bet on CS:GO. DreamHack is one competition where you can get excellent odds from the bookies.

2. Online or LAN?

The gaming platform is a factor that must never be swept under the carpet. Teams perform differently in a change of playing condition.

Some guys are better suited to playing online, while others can work with the screams and shouts of thousands of fans in a live gaming arena. Knowing the playing conditions in which a team thrives better gives more perspective and helps make better choices. For example, the CS:GO team G2 have consistently shown dominance in LAN games as opposed to online games.

Another factor that changes in game forms bring to mind is the variability of internet speeds across different regions. Some countries have poor internet speeds; this leads to lags from their side and makes it more likely for them to suffer upsets in the game. Australian teams tend to suffer in this regard because of their relatively slow internet connection.

3. How much should you set aside for CS:GO betting?

You should always have a budget for betting on CS:GO. It is a good betting practice to only use funds that you are comfortable losing. Rookies make this blunder of sinking more money in games when they are having a bad day. CS:GO pros know this and usually do not exceed their allotted betting balance. There are some financial management systems that can be employed to make you more efficient as you bet, like the Martingale system, Anti-Martingale system, Labouchere and Fibonacci systems. Do some research and reading to know more about these bankroll management strategies.

Best CS:GO Betting Advice

4. Try out handicap betting

Most betting sites have the option of handicap betting, where the bookmaker evens out the playing field. This tool is used especially when a big team faces a smaller one. An advantage is given to the smaller team while a deficit is taken away from the team more likely to win; this changes the market dynamics and provides more possibility for winning than the traditional win-lose system.

5. In-game betting

Creating more features for in-game betting makes the games more exciting; it also creates more opportunities to win money. The potential for more winnings must be recognised and used. There are a lot of parameters to stake on, so study the game, study the parameters and players, then take advantage of the feature.

6. Do heavy research

People are of various schools of thought about the role of ‘luck’ and ‘instinct’ in betting. But one tip we can give you about CS:GO betting is that the more research you do, the better your betting outcomes are. It is not an ultimate guarantee that you’ll always win, but it sure is much better to stake on results when you are more aware of the statistics and peculiarities of the game. This fact is not to downplay the role of gut-feeling, because if you feel that something is off about a team or player, you should factor that into your betting decisions.

The point is that facts, statistics and ratings should dominate your decision-making framework.

7. Get fully involved

If you plan to get serious about CS:GO betting in the long run, then you need to be more involved in the sport than a casual observer. You will need to watch matches, study teams’ and players’ statistics, follow teams and players on social media and participate in conversations and forums that are held on the CS:GO esports. Nothing is ever fully guaranteed, but you can always make better choices that lead to more profit by merely getting involved with accurate and useful information about the sport.

8. Pay attention to individual players 

Consider individual players in a team, their strengths and weaknesses, study the squad rotation and take note of what players are leaving what teams and joining other teams. You would be better able to predict an upset or a victory if you are familiar with these details

How To Know A Trustworthy Betting Site

Betting on CS:GO is a sensitive matter and you need to be sure you’re doing so on a credible site.

There are a couple of things you can take note of as you look around for an excellent site to use. These are:

1. A track record of Confidentiality

You want a bookie that keeps his clients’ details and deposits secure. You will need to check the site’s history for any accounts or patterns of violation of privacy. Recurrent events of breach of trust between punters and bookies is a massive red flag. Only deal with sites that act with principle and integrity; that’s what’s in your best interest.

2. Good Odds and Bonuses

Sites that offer competitive odds and generous bonuses are all around. It is best to recognise this because it plays a significant role in how much you can make on games. So don’t hesitate to check around for the sites that give the best odds and reward customers with a wide variety of bonuses. It shows a cheerful disposition to the clients from the betting companies. For instance, it is a known fact that 4rabet gives only the best odds in the market and many side benefits for bettors.

3. More Betting Options

Sites with more options like in-play betting are generally more popular and they present more opportunities to win. When it comes to esports, live betting is a significant deciding factor and it is always best to consider those sites which offer this option over those that don’t.

4. Customer Care

This litmus test helps you know what sites are conscious of the customer experience. Responsive customer care is one of the hallmarks of a transparent betting site. Whenever there are complaints and clarifications, they attend to them on time. 4rabet has a decent customer care response time. Therefore, you can be comfortable as you transact your business with them.

Best CS:GO Betting Advice

Why Choose 4rabet?

Well, a good reputation isn’t something you can build in a fortnight. With the daily proliferation of betting sites, there are bound to be some dubious ones. The advantage of betting with us is that our track history precedes us. Our reputation speaks for us. We have consistently delivered. Wherever you check, you’ll only find reports of our transparency.

When our customers have problems, we can provide a listening ear and quickly resolve the issue. We believe in mutual trust between a pundit and a bookmaker. We ensure you are adequately informed on things you do not thoroughly understand. If there are errors in transactions, we quickly address them to ensure all involved parties are satisfied. Our customer service runs 24 hours, 7 days a week and we can be reached via telephone, email and live chat.

Our licenses are up to date. We currently satisfy all the requirements of betting standardisation agencies locally and internationally.

Worthy of note is that our website contains terrific features. You can bet with the live feature; you can check up on each team’s statistics before you bet. All these features are designed to improve your betting experience.


Generally, it is better to play the game to gather hands-on experience to make better choices.

You also need to set up budgets to control the amount that you bet per time. You are free to check around for the best odds on games and betting sites that offer the best levels of confidentiality and security. 4rabet delivers the best on all of these and it’s definitely worth it to bet with us.

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