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BTTS Betting

October 30, 2020, 10:00


This article won’t be one of those articles where you only learn theory. As a matter of fact, we have made sure that everything we say you can and should use in practice. Why? Betting online has never been easier, but the hard part is placing a winning bet. BTTS Betting is not complicated, and we’ll teach you how to win big by placing BTTS Bets. It must be irritating to browse through the internet, only to find partial information that you can’t use in real life. We feel you! That’s why we are more than happy to help you with proven, overall valuable insights.

What Is BTTS in Betting

So, what is BTTS in betting? BTTS actually means Both Teams To Score. The point is that you can place a bet and guess whether both teams will score or not. Obviously, there are two options: YES and NO. Most of the time, this bet is exclusive in football. BTTS Betting can bring you an enormous amount of money, even though it sounds pretty simple and easy to understand.

BTTS Betting Explained

Main advantages of BTTS Betting:

  • You can win almost immediately after the match had started. How so? If you said YES, both teams will score, it’s completely likely that they will score in a couple of minutes. The joy when you don’t have to stress throughout the whole game, priceless!
  • The other advantage is that hope dies last. Meaning? Your bet is not lost until the referee ends the match. You are still in the game until the ball stops rolling.

What to do the next time you scroll through our website 4rabet.com looking to place a bet? Try out BTTS Betting and increase drastically your chances of winning. Not only can you place this bet, but also combine it with various others for higher odds and greater payout. It’s a whole new world once you open the door to BTTS and learn what is BTTS in betting.

What are the best bets to combine with BTTS?

  • Match Result – you can guess the exact result of the match and combine it with BTTS. What do you get? By increasing your odds with this combination your payout will be much higher, and you will be rich. Maybe that exotic vacation is not as unlikely as you thought!
  • Over/Under – BTTS can replace Over/Under, but why not combine them? Odds will go through the roof!

But that’s not all…

How Does BTTS Work?

Do you wonder how BTTS Betting works in real life? No problem! As we have promised in the beginning, we will share with you the hottest tips & tricks! When placing a bet, you should be wise and think it thoroughly. Luckily for you, we have prepared the most important things every bettor should have in mind. These tactics will upgrade your betting expertise and take your experience to a whole new level! Remember, they are noteworthy and proven!

Let’s cut to the chase!

In order to explain it better, here is an example.
The picture represents the last five results of Real Madrid.

What should you focus on? The most powerful method is to focus on the number of scored goals by Real Madrid in this case. Of course, if you decided to bet on them. Don’t forget to look up the number of scored goals of their opponent.

There is a lot of statistic data you should keep in mind when doing BTTS Betting. If you want to place a winning bet, the research you do before the game is crucial. That research makes all the difference between winning and losing bet.

However, that’s not all. We have mentioned Goals Scored, but what else should you pay attention to? Details like: clean sheets, results of previous matches between two teams, injuries of key players, form, and other facts should also be analyzed.

How to Place a BTTS Bet and Win?

BTTS Bet and Win is one of the most combined bets in the world of football betting. How does it work, though? The attractive odds that this bet brings are hard to resist, but what makes this bet even better? The fact that you can choose your favorite team and root for them!

There are various combinations, and we’ll explain each one of them to you.

  • Yes (BTTS) and Home Win
  • Yes (BTTS) and Draw
  • Yes (BTTS) and Away Win
  • No (BTTS) and Home Win
  • No (BTTS) and Draw
  • No (BTTS) and Away Win

When choosing one of those combinations, you take your football watching & betting experience to a whole new level! Goals are something everyone is looking forward to in football, and now you can make money out of it. Lower stakes and higher payout makes this bet unexcelled. However, it’s fairly harder than a single bet, but with our tips below you will be good to go!

Once again, that’s not all we have in stock for you…

Now that you have learned the basics about what is BTTS in betting, let’s dive deeper into this profitable type of bet. BTTS Betting can earn you even more money, and we encourage you to try out these bets as well!

  • BTTS in Both Halves – as the name says, you basically bet if both teams will score not only in one half but in both. If you say YES to BTTS in both halves, both teams have to score at least one goal in each half. There is another possibility for you to bet live, so watch out! If the first half had many goals, you could bet NO for the second half. Odds for both of these bets are great, and you are going to win a lot of money when you win!
  • On our website 4rabet.com you have an exclusive chance to place a BTTS Bet. What’s it about? You can bet that both teams will score, not only one but at least two goals! Odds are great, and you can take a look at the example on our website:

Now that we have unleashed your potential, you can pay us a visit and see unbelievably high odds for every match you can think of!

Tips on BTTS Betting

Is there a secret formula? You could say so. There are little-known tips and tricks on BTTS betting that we will share with you. We have already mentioned the importance of research. Remember, many people don’t have success when betting because they are not committed to it. You can’t expect a vast amount of money if you didn’t do your homework first. In that case, the homework is an in-depth analysis of key factors that decide the result.

Are you tired of having low odds on the favorite? You know, that feeling when you are sure the favorite is going to win, but the odds are shamefully low, so it’s not worth the risk. We see you! As you may have already assumed, we have the solution…

Betting is a long game where the most persistent win! So, what should you do to win? Here is our checklist:

  • Learn more about the form of the teams you want to bet on
  • How many goals did they score in the last ten matches?
  • Head-to-head results with the opponent, what was the game like?
  • Has their key player experienced an injury recently?
  • Any other changes in the team, problems within the team, and changes in the squad?
  • If teams are similar quality, odds will be higher. Look at the middle of the table, because statistically, those matches have more goals.

These are top advice from experienced bettors. It will maximally increase your chances of winning if you follow these tips correctly.

Our Final Opinion of Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Betting Strategy

Don’t hesitate to visit 4rabet.com daily to place winning bets on football and experience the best BTTS Betting. We are glad we could share this remarkable strategy with you and teach you what is BTSS in Betting. Explore this incredible type of bet and get to know what your favorite one is. Remember that the key to the winning bet is research and analysis of the form, previous matches, and clean sheets! Follow us for more tips!

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