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Double Result Bet Explained

December 29, 2020, 12:26
Double Result Bet Explained


What does a double result mean in betting? In this article, we answer this question, beginning by explaining the concept of a double result. We illustrate our explanation by providing examples of double result betting in such sports as basketball and football before listing the pros and cons of this type of betting.

What Is a Double Result Bet?

If you are a newcomer to sports betting, you may wonder what a double result is. By placing a double result bet, you would try to predict two outcomes in a single game and place one stake for both predictions to come true.

Double result betting involves making a single bet, combining the scores of a match before and after half-time. If your prediction of the winner of the first half proves right, the winnings are carried over as a stake to bet on the second outcome after half-time. Thus, to win a double result bet, both your predicted outcomes must come true.

What Does Double Result Mean in Betting?

To get an answer to the question “what does a double result mean in betting?” you should consider how typical sports betting differs from double results sports betting. In recent years, more and more gamblers are being drawn to double results betting. When you make a straightforward bet, you get to choose one outcome from three possible outcomes. A match can result in a win, loss, or draw. In a double result bet, you have to choose two outcomes and bet that both outcomes will happen simultaneously.

Thus, when you bet on the outcomes of the two halves of a Premier League football match, you address nine possible outcomes instead of three. As each half can result in three outcomes, we multiply the number of outcomes (3×3) to derive the total number of outcomes possible: nine.

Those nine outcomes could be listed as win/win (meaning the same team wins both halves), win/loss, win/draw, loss/win, loss/loss, loss/draw, draw/win, draw/loss and draw/draw.


The more the possible outcomes, the higher the odds and the greater the chance of high earning from the bet.

How Odds Are Calculated in a Double Result Bet

Depending on the double result line a gambler decides to wager on, the odds quoted on the bet will vary. One thing is certain. Thanks to higher odds quoted on a double result bet, the payout will be higher than in straightforward betting. But as you already know, higher rewards and higher risks are two sides of the same coin.

Nine Possible Outcomes

As we have seen in a previous paragraph, a double result bet involves nine possible outcomes as opposed to just three possible outcomes in a straightforward bet. When there are more possible outcomes, it will become harder to predict and there will be a higher chance of losing. Therefore, if you do get the prediction right, you can expect to get a huge payout.

Home Team favoured

In football, we expect a home team to do well because of familiar playing conditions and crowd support among other things. So, you would find it easier to make a win/win prediction for the two halves than a win/loss prediction. Therefore, you can expect the odds quoted on a win/loss outcome of a home team to be higher than the odds on a win/win outcome.

Other factors

However, the calculation of odds will also consider other factors such as the relative strength of the two teams. For instance, the odds in a match hosted by Burnley against Liverpool are unlikely to favour the home team as defending champions Liverpool are considered the stronger side.

Higher Odds for Less Likely Outcomes

So, a less likely outcome will attract higher odds. Thus, if you bet on a win/win for Burnley versus Liverpool and it comes true, you can expect a huge payout on the upset win for Burnley. The payout would be much higher than in a straightforward bet on Burnley to win. A win/win bet presumes that Burnley will win both halves, which would require Burnley to score at least one goal in each half. That is less likely than Burnley simply winning the match by one lucky goal.

Double Result Betting Strategy

Before you bet on a double result, check whether the team you favour:

  • has a reputation for playing hard in the first half and slowing down after the interval;
  • saves breath in the first half and has a reputation for comebacks;
  • plays better in home games or away;
  • could underperform due to injuries to players or bad weather, etc.

Double Result Bet Examples

Double result Basketball Betting

In NBA basketball matches, scores keep swinging during a game. There is no guarantee that the team leading at half-time will end up winning the game. So, a gambler with experience in following NBA games could hope to gain a huge payout from a win/loss or loss/win prediction. However, you cannot expect the odds on a double result in NBA basketball to be as high as the odds on a double result in Premier League football. For a good example of double result basketball betting, consider the game between Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers in November 2019. The half-time score saw the Bulls up 65 to 48. The Lakers fought back strongly in the second half, particularly in the fourth quarter, in which they scored 38 to emerge 118-112 winners.

Double Result Ice Hockey Betting

Ice hockey is different from football or basketball in that it has three periods of play rather than two halves. A double result bet in ice hockey would consider the result of the first period and the final period. For instance, in a match between Boston Bruins and New York Rangers, Rangers could be ahead at the end of the first period yet end up losing to Bruins who would be leading at the end of the third.

Double Result Betting in Football

What does a double result mean in football betting? We can think of no better example than a match in the English Premier League last year. In December 2019, West Ham hosted Arsenal at the London Stadium in a Premier League game. West Ham took the lead on 38 minutes and went into the interval leading 1-0. But Arsenal equalled the score on 60 minutes, scored a second goal six minutes later and a one third on 69 minutes to win 3-1 at full time.

West Ham, the home team, were favourites at the start of the match, especially as Arsenal had suffered a nine-match winless streak before the game. But it would have been a brave gambler to predict that the home team would win the first half and lose the second. Such a gambler would have won a huge payout on the day.

Pros and Cons of Double Result Betting

If you are tired of straightforward betting and are looking for an exciting variant, you should try double result betting. As in any type of betting, there are many pros and cons in double result betting. Let’s consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of double result betting.


Double result betting offers you higher odds when compared to straightforward betting. In other words, provided you won your bet, you could end up taking away much more money from a double result bet. How much more will depend on the double results bet line you choose to wager on. For instance, assume that you picked a home team in the Premier League that was an odds on favourite to win and bet on the outcome that it would lose in both halves. If you won the bet, you would win a huge return as the odds would be highest on the least likely outcome.


Along with the possibility of earning high returns comes a higher element of risk. As we have seen, in a straightforward bet we pick from three possible results, win, lose or draw. By contrast, in a double result bet, we must pick from nine possible outcomes. The more the number of predicted outcomes, the greater the difficulty in getting your predictions right. In a double result bet, you must get two outcomes rightbefore and after the interval. Thus, you will need to implement much more strategy to get both predictions right in double result betting.

Sports Betting with 4rabet

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At 4rabet, we recognise that cricket is more than a sport in India — it is a religion. So, you will be amazed to find how easy we make it for you to bet on cricket. On many sites, you would have to search for the cricket icon before you can place a bet on a cricket match. At 4rabet, we have made the navigation so easy and user-friendly that placing a cricket bet is the easiest thing to do. To make your navigation absolutely easy, we have placed cricket at the top of the list of sports on the left-hand side of the homepage, with other preferred sports such as football, tennis, and badminton displayed prominently. The display of live betting on the home page gives top priority to cricket followed by football, the second most preferred option of Indian bettors.

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With a focus on cricket betting, 4rabet provides a vast range of markets in in-play betting choices. We realise that there is no limit to the number of markets that an Indian bettor on cricket would like to access while engaging in in-play betting.

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At 4rabet, we realise the need to encourage prospective Indian bettors who may be relatively new to sports betting online. So, we have devised promotion offers aimed mainly at Indian bettors. We provide a generous welcome bonus that you can access by clicking on an icon in the top right-hand corner of the site. You can get a welcome bonus of up to 200 percent of your deposit amount. To qualify for the highest bonus percentage, you must deposit at least 5500.

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Competitive Odds

At 4rabet, we recognise that Indian bettors seek good returns on their investment and offer competitive odds on betting markets and events.

Safety is Paramount

At 4rabet, we know that Indian bettors are looking for safe betting sites that protect their data. Accordingly, we use appropriate encryption technology to gain the trust of our customers by safeguarding their privacy while facilitating easy withdrawals.

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