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Most Common Betting Terms Explained

November 12, 2020, 9:47
Most Common Betting Terms Explained


There are several betting terms in use and you can find yourself forgetting what they mean or you could be even seeing these terms for the first time. We have put together some common betting terms you will find on 4rabet alongside their meanings. You can always come back to them for revision if you happen to forget what they mean. Read on for some of the most common terms used in betting.

25 Frequent Betting Terms


An accumulator is a kind of bet that contains multiple selections. All selections need to be accurate for a win, unlike some other bets where few of the bets can be counted as a win. Ideally, double and triple bets should be referred to as accumulator bets, however, most betting sites refer to accumulators as quadruple bets or more.


This term is used for betting generally. It is the amount of activity that occurred during a betting period.

Against the Spread

This involves backing a selection to cover the spread. Instead of backing a single game, you back or lay the spread.


This is placing bets on different expected outcomes of a game to make more profits. It is placing bets simultaneously on multiple results of an event at varied odds. Different bets are calculated so that no matter the outcome of the event, the bettor gets some profits.

Asian Handicap

As the name states, this form of betting originates from Asia and is mostly used in soccer betting. It allows you to place bets on handicapped selections. A handicap means a team has a lead over the opposing team. This kind of bet removes chances for a draw – it’s either a win or a loss.


This is the amount of money set aside specifically for betting.

Betting Exchange

Betting exchange is a forum where bettors place bets against each other rather than against a bookmaker. Bettors can choose to either back or lay a bet, whereas, with bookmakers, you can only back a bet. Bettors can place bets at odds convenient for them not at odds set by the bookmaker.


This is an organisation (online or physical) which bettors can place their bets at. They provide the odds for bettors to place their bets.

Buying Points

This involves paying extra to receive more points for a point spread bet. Most bettors buy points around numbers 3 and 7.

Closing Line

This is the point at which odds will no longer be adjusted. Before the closing line, odds are modified based on the number of bets received by the bookmaker.

Double Bet

This is placing one bet on two different selections. The odds of both selections are put together for higher returns. Both selections have to be accurate for the bet to be a win.


Each-way bets are used in sports that require a winner and other players to finish in different positions/places like horse racing. An each-way bet has two bets on one selection – a win bet and a place bet. You win whichever bet is accurate.

Fixed Odds

Fixed odds are odds that remain unchanged for a selection. Bets placed at fixed odds do not change even if the odds for that selection change later on. The expected returns remain no matter the changes that occur to the selection.


This is placing a bet on the opposite side of a bet you placed earlier. This is done as a method for risk management or to guarantee profits.

In-Play Betting

This involves placing bets on a selection after it has started or when the event is in progress. It is majorly done through online betting sites like 4rabet.

Moneyline Bets

This is simply placing bets on a selection to win the event. Placing bets on a team to win a match. It is used in games like soccer, baseball and hockey where there are not so many points to be won so bettors can’t place bets on a spread.

Off the Board

Games that are off the board are events you are not allowed to bet on. This could be because the event will not be held for different reasons like the weather.

Over/Under Bet

This is a bet placed on the total number of goals, points, or runs expected from an event set by a bookmaker. You place a bet on whether the outcome of the selection will be over or under the totals stated by the bookmaker.


This is placing bets on multiple selections, at least two events. All selections must be accurate for you to win this bet.

Point Spread

In point spread betting, the bookmaker gives extra points to the team that is likely to lose to make things even. Those extra points are the point spread.


This is the amount of money you get when your bet is accurate. The money got for your wins.

Most Common Betting Terms Explained

Spread Betting

Spread betting is placing bets on whether or not the outcome of the event will be above or below the spread given by the bookmaker. The win or loss will be dependent on how far above the spread or how low below the spread the outcome is.


This is placing a bet on three different selections. The bookmaker 4rabet offers odds on three combined selections and bettors place their bet at those odds.

Value Bet

This is a bet where the possibility of winning is much greater than the odds made available by the bookmaker.

Void Bet

Void bets are bets which are returned to the bettor for different reasons. Bets could be returned because whatever event or selection the bet was for is not happening, like an absent player. Read which bets are void on 4rabet.

In Conclusion

There are numerous betting terms used and these terms can be different based on location and culture. The betting terms explained here and common betting terms used in most settings. Always check when you need clarifications on these betting terms.

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