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Reverse Forecast Betting Explained

December 18, 2020, 13:25
Reverse Forecast Betting Explained


To many, reverse forecast betting may come across as some high-sounding catchphrase thrown around in betting circles. You might have been curious about it, yet finding it rather hard to understand. Good news! We will break this term down in this article, so it will make more sense and you will eventually be able to take advantage of it.

What Is Reverse Forecast Betting?

This type of bet is used in competitions like horse or greyhound racing or tournaments such as the English Premier League. As long as there are participants in a game coming first, second, third and so on, this betting system can be implemented.

Unlike straight forecast bets, where you predict who comes first and second in that exact order, reverse forecast bets allow you to predict the top two competitors in the outcome of a sporting event. With reverse forecast betting, you don’t need to be accurate about the order in which the selected contestants win. As long as they both won, you would win a market.

Reverse forecast betting does this by placing two single forecast bets to go both ways. You will have to stake twice to set a reverse forecast bet. To make things more clear, let’s take a look at an example.

To place a reverse forecast bet for Liverpool and Tottenham to win the EPL, you would need to place a single forecast bet for Liverpool to emerge winners and Tottenham as runners-up. At the same time, you place another single forecast bet that Tottenham wins while Liverpool emerges as runners-up.

Reverse forecast betting is more expensive than the straight one as you are staking twice, but at the same time, it is safer than the traditional straight format betting where you lose money if your selection turns out wrong.

The system is perfect for situations where the race has two solid contenders and you can’t seem to predict who will win in the end. You can decide to play it safe by betting on certain participants finishing in the top two but in any order. The bet is only lost when one of the two selected players does not finish in the top two. The bet is won when both of your selections are among the top 2 finishers in a race. When that happens, the amount staked is divided into two equal parts and multiplied by the odds of the correct betting statement.

For example, in a greyhound race with 20 dogs, you are torn between two of them, Black Prince and White Knight. In this case, you’re having a hard time deciding who is more likely to win as they are both favourites.

Their odds are:

  1. Black Princ to come 1st and White Knight to come 2nd = 2.8
  2. White Knight to finish 1st and Black Prince to finish 2nd = 3.1

Then you stake a reverse forecast bet of INR 100 and at the end of the race, the 2nd prediction comes true.

Here’s what will happen, the INR 100 you have staked is cut in half and multiplied by the odds of the winning outcome, so you get

INR 50 × 3.1 = INR 155

Thus, you have still made a profit.

It is safe to say that it is more expensive and less rewarding than straight reverse forecasting, but it is generally a much safer option.

Another thing about this type of betting is that the odds are more generous with more participants in a race or league. For example, a horse race with 20 horses will have higher odds than the one with 15 horses. The type and individual odds of the horses involved are also factored into the bookmaker’s odds for the reverse forecasting bet.


Variations of Reverse Forecast Bet

The reverse forecast bet can come in another format called the combination forecast bet. This involves taking more than two selections and creating all possible single forecast combinations with them. The difference between this and the reverse format is the number of selections (now more than two) and the resultant number of combinations that can come from it (6 and above).

The combination-type bets are even more expensive than the traditional reverse forecast bets, but they are even safer.

For example, you can make a selection of Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham winning and coming runners-up in the English Premier League. There are six possible combinations of ways in which that may play out. You might have:

  • Liverpool and Chelsea
  • Liverpool and Tottenham
  • Chelsea and Liverpool
  • Chelsea and Tottenham
  • Tottenham and Liverpool
  • Tottenham and Chelsea

to finish 1st and 2nd respectively.

If any one of these six outcomes happened, then you would win.

Staking INR 10 on one of the outcomes will mean that INR 60 will have to be gambled on the entire compound forecast bet.

When Should You Place a Reverse Forecast Bet?

This betting method cannot be used for simple games between two contestants. We need to have multiple participants and a clear designation of positions for each one at the end of the competition. The competitions that are suitable to place such bet are:

  • Horse races;
  • Greyhound races;
  • Formula 1 races;
  • MotoGP tournaments;
  • League-format competitions, e.g., EPL.

It is wise to place reverse forecast bets when you have competitive races or leagues where there is more than one major contender and you’re having a hard time selecting one of them.

As we have said, it is more expensive than the straight forecast bet but safer altogether.

Why Choose 4rabet?

Having covered the peculiarities of the reverse forecast system, you need a bookmaker that you can trust to offer you the very best odds. We provide these services and we do it generously with mouth-watering offers and frequent bonuses.

Besides, you can fully trust us as our track record shows consistency and transparency. We have been in this game long enough to have loads of positive reviews for the services we offer. You can go to bed, knowing your stakes are safe with us.

To give the right answers to any questions or solve any issues that might happen, we have a very responsive customer care service to address any of these adequately.

Lastly, we offer a wide range of games to bet on with multiple features and options to select from. You can rest assured that you’re getting the ultimate experience with us at 4rabet


The options that are available to improve your winning chances are numerous. Reverse forecast betting is one of them and that’s why we’ve taken our time to properly explain it. When reverse forecast bets are used, they can significantly enhance your betting experience. Place your reverse forecast bets with us today!

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