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Super Heinz Bet Explained

January 17, 2021, 8:00
Super Heinz Bet Explained

What Is a Super Heinz Bet?

Like the Heinz bet, the Super Heinz betting type is very common and popular in horse racing, football and greyhound racing. A single Super Heinz bet consists of seven selections and 120 bets combined into one single bet. It is also called a full-cover bet at times.

The 120 bets that a Super Heinz Bet consists of are expanded as follows:

  • 21 doubles
  • 35 trebles
  • 35 fourfold accumulators
  • 21 fivefold accumulators
  • 7 sixfold accumulators
  • 1 sevenfold accumulator.

Thus, to work out the returns, a Super Heinz bet calculator is used. The Super Heinz bet increases your chances of accumulating big returns and minimises a loss even if a couple of your selections don’t work out and you lose those particular bets. The Super Heinz bet calculator provides you with an easy and convenient way of calculating your potential returns based on your selections and the betting odds. It automatically calculates the values for 120 bets and combines them into proper returns.

The Super Heinz bet calculator needs the user to fill out the following values in the Super Heinz bet calculator to compute the potential profits (or losses) for the Super Heinz bet:

  • Bet Type
  • Odds Format (Decimals or Fractions or American)
  • Rule 4 (Yes or No)
  • Add Selection Notes (Yes or No)
  • Each selection that you have made, its outcome and the respective odds.
  • Stake Type (Stake Per Bet or Total Stake)
  • Stake Amount

How Does a Super Heinz Bet Work?

When a bettor places a Super Heinz bet, he indirectly is bidding on seven selections across 120 different bets worked out based on the seven selections made. As a result, the amount invested as a whole will also be distributed in each of these 120 bets.

Let’s understand the Super Heinz bet better with an example. This might help us understand how much and what profit one might make depending on the number of selections that finish winning. Suppose, you place Rs 1 on a Super Heinz bet which makes the stake involved Rs 120 as there are 120 bets in a Super Heinz bet. Now, each team, horse, or player is placed at Rs 4.00. The following table gives a clear picture of what the potential returns could be and the potential profit you would be able to make for each number of selections that come out as a win.

Number of selections that won Returns  Profit 
0 0 Rs -120
1 0 Rs -120
2 Rs 16 Rs -104
3 Rs 112 Rs -8
4 Rs 608 Rs 488
5 Rs 3104 Rs 2984
6 Rs 15600 Rs 15480
7 Rs 78096 Rs 77976

As seen from the above table, you need at least two of your selections to win for you to get some returns. However, if the stake involved is low, you might get a return but it will be a loss. Three selections returning with a win will even out the things and bring you to a break-even point. It is only with a win of four selections or more that the profit can be guaranteed. Also, the more the number of selections that prove to be right, the higher and heftier your profit becomes and the above table shows exactly that.

This is just an example and the Super Heinz bet can generate higher winnings and in turn, higher returns and profits. The Super Heinz bet calculator will be able to predict that with ease. All you need to do is have the details of what bets you selected and what the odds of each of them were.

Super Heinz Betting in Football

Placing a Super Heinz bet on football is pretty simple and straightforward. You just need to have seven selections across seven different matches and click on the ‘Super Heinz’ option. And if you get at least two of your selections right then you will receive a payout. These seven selections can be made across multiple markets and are not confined to just one particular thing like winning the game.

Super Heinz Bets in Horse Racing

There is nothing different in horse racing when it comes to Super Heinz betting. It’s just like football. You need to pick seven selections or events and click on the ‘Super Heinz’ option. Again, like in football, if you get at least two of your selections right, you will receive a payout.

Pros and Cons of Super Heinz Betting and Winning Tips

The Super Heinz betting system is quite popular in sports like horse racing and greyhound racing. Meanwhile, football is another big sport that is popular for placing Super Heinz bets. It gives the bettors a huge opportunity to get staggering returns. Your stake invested can multiple immensely if you get all your seven selections right. In fact, the Super Heinz bet has the ability to reward the bettor with the odds of 16,342/1 if he/she gets all of the seven selections right. Another small advantage is that the betting odds are higher even if a particular team or event is tagged as a favourite.

Meanwhile, the biggest disadvantage is that the stake involved is a lot higher. As the Super Heinz bet consists of 120 bets, there needs to be a stake involved in each of those. Thus, that is 120 times to cover each possible combination. Hence, a Super Heinz bet is not for a newcomer and experience is always going to come in handy when the stakes involved are higher.

Hence, it is advised not to invest a lot of money. Affordable amount of money will also have pretty decent returns if you get the maximum number of selections right.

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