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Super Yankee Bet Explained

January 16, 2021, 12:00
Super Yankee Bet Explained

There are different types of bets available and it is vital to know what each bet means in detail. This article contains detailed information about the so-called Super Yankee bet, including how it works, the number of selections needed, its application in specific sports and examples. You can also place Super Yankee bets at 4rabet.

What Is a Super Yankee Bet?

Questions about the Super Yankee bet you have right now could be: “What is a Super Yankee bet? How many bets are there in a Super Yankee bet? How many selections are there in a Super Yankee bet?” A Super Yankee bet, also known as a Canadian bet, is a multiple bet made up of five different selections with 26 bets.

The Super Yankee bet is used in horse racing mostly because the odds on horses are perfect for the different bets making up the Super Yankee bet. However, Super Yankee bet can be used when betting on other sports available on 4rabet, especially football. The 26 bets made across the five selections include:

  • Ten (10) doubles
  • Ten (10) trebles
  • Five (5) fourfold accumulators
  • One (1) fivefold accumulator

The Super Yankee bet is an expanded version of the Yankee bet where there are four selections and 11 bets. It is also similar to the Lucky 31 bet, which consists of more selections and bets than the Super Yankee bet. The Lucky 31 consists of thirty-one (31) bets across six (6) selections; five (5) singles added to the components of the Super Yankee bet.

The Super Yankee bet is also a very profitable bet if you win at least two selections. It is said that the bet got its name from an American soldier who placed this bet and ended up with massive wins when all his predictions were accurate.

How Does a Super Yankee Bet Work?

Now that you know what Super Yankee betting entails, the next thing you will probably be wondering is how it works. Each bet of the 26 bets that make up the Super Yankee bet costs the same amount. You can place 10 rupees per bet; therefore, your total bet for a Super Yankee will be 260 rupees.

Choose your five preferred selections before placing a bet. Then, go to 4rabet and click on the multiple bets option, then the Super Yankee bet. Enter the amount you want to place as a bet and your potential winnings will be shown. You start winning when at least two of your selections win.

How Many Selections Do You Need to Win?

Winning a Super Yankee bet is dependent on the number of winning selections as the bet works with the aggregate odds from all 26 bets. To win the Super Yankee bet, you need at least two selections out of five to win. Two selections winning do not guarantee profits, but you will get a return on your bet.

To get a positive return, you need at least four winning selections. If you place 10 rupees per bet, thus having a total of 260 rupees, with each selection having odds of 2.00 (in an actual game, all five selections will not have the same odds), your expected outcome will be the following:

  • 0 selection wins – INR 0 return with a profit of INR -260
  • One (1) selection wins – INR 0 return with a profit of INR -260
  • Two (2) selection wins – INR 200 return with a profit of INR -220
  • Three (3) selection wins – INR200 return with a profit of INR -60
  • Four (4) selection wins –  INR720 return with a profit of INR 460
  • Five (5) selection wins – INR 2320 return with a profit of INR 2060

To sum up, you need at least four selections to win to get profits. It is best to use a Super Yankee bet calculator for more accuracy when calculating your expected returns.

Super Yankee Football Betting?

All types of bets can be used for all sports, but it is safe to say some bets are more suitable for some sports than others. The Super Yankee bet fits football games perfectly. This is as a result of the higher odds associated with it compared to other sports.

When using Super Yankee bets for football, you can place bets on different outcomes such as:

  • Both teams to score and win
  • Correct score bets
  • Half-time bets
  • Full-time bets

Super Yankee Bet Examples

Multiple bets like the Super Yankee bet can be complex sometimes. We will be using an example from the ongoing Premier League. These five selections will be used in our example:

Bet number Selection Odds
1 Burnley vs Manchester United 2.30
2 Sheffield United vs Newcastle 2.50
3 Wolves vs Everton 1.43
4 Tottenham vs Fulham 1.90
5 Manchester City vs Brighton 1.20

Super Yankee bet

Bet Type Selection permutations
10 doubles 1×2, 1×3, 1×4, 1×5, 2×3, 2×4, 2×5, 3×4, 3×5, 4×5
10 trebles 1x2x3, 1x2x4, 1x2x5, 1x3x4, 1x3x5, 1x4x5, 2x3x4, 2x3x5, 2x4x5, 3x4x5
5 fourfolds 1x2x3x4, 1x2x3x5, 1x2x4x5, 1x3x4x5, 2x3x4x5
1 fivefold 1x2x3x4x5

Say, you back Burnley, Sheffield United, Wolves, Tottenham and Manchester City. The permutation, 1×2, means Burnley and Sheffield United win their games. The fivefold, 1x2x3x4x5, means all the five teams you backed win their games. The same applies to the other permutations.

The odds of each game are the odds found on the 4rabet website. Choose odds that work for you and place your Super Yankee bet. The amount placed as a bet is dependent on you. Use the Super Yankee bet calculator available to check out your expected returns.

Why Is Super Yankee a Good Bet?

The Super Yankee bet is a lot more exciting than other basic bets. As a result of the aggregational effect, you will cash out a lot more than you have placed as a bet if all your selections are correct. Even if you have just four correct selections, you will win a lot with this kind of bet.

Unlike an accumulator bet where everything is lost when one selection is lost, you can still win with the Super Yankee bet. The only negative aspect of the Super Yankee bets is that your starting bet will be higher than most. This is why you should be very confident in your selections before making a Super Yankee bet.

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