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Treble Bet Explained

December 28, 2020, 9:23
Treble Bet Explained


Online bookies offer different types of bets to attract punters. Someone who places these bets must understand different options and evaluate their pros and cons to make an informed decision about the bets to be placed. There are various categories of bets such as single and accumulated bets. Accumulated bets can have more than one bet in them. It could be 2, 3, 4, or any number of bets as supported by the bookmaker. The higher the number of bets in an accumulated bet, the higher the risk as well as the profit.

In this article, we are going to discuss a special type of accumulator bet in which the better is supposed to bet on three events, namely the Treble Bet. The accumulator bets are different from the single ones in such a way that the winnings of one bet are carried forward to the next one. The only caveat here is that the better must win all the bets to get the benefits from the accumulator betting. With the basics out of the way, let’s try to understand the Treble bets in more detail.

What Is a Treble Bet?

A Treble bet is a type of accumulator bet that involves three bets placed on three different sporting events. The Treble bet combines all the selection into a single bet and thus, if won, the earnings could be hefty on small bets as well. This would be beneficial in the sense that the earning will be significantly higher with Treble bets compared to three individual bets. Needless to say, the risk is equally bigger in the Treble bets compared to individual bets.

Also, remember that the three bets have to be distinct from each other and, to get the payout, you must win all the three bets. The bets can be applied to the three independent events of the same or different sports.

For example, you can place the Treble bet of, say, USD 20 on Chelsea to beat Manchester United, Liverpool to beat Arsenal and Tottenham to beat Inter Milan. Similarly, the Treble bets can be placed on different sports events such as some horse winning a horse racing tournament, Liverpool winning the Champions League and Nadal winning the French Open.

Remember, the three sporting events in a treble have to be different. Thus, you cannot place a bet on Nadal winning the French Open and Federer finishing runner-up as a part of the same Treble bet.

Once all your bets win, you get a hefty payout, however, if at least one bet loses, all your money is lost. Simple, isn’t it?

How Does a Treble Bet Work?

Let us try to understand how the treble bets work and the mathematics behind such bets with an example.

As we know by now that in a Treble bet, there are three bets placed on three distinct sporting events. If the first leg of the bet is won, the returns are placed as a stake on the second leg of the Treble bet. Subsequently, if the second leg is won as well, the accumulated winnings are placed on the third bet as a stake. If the third bet is won, that is only when all the earnings are available to the better as a payout. Even if one of the bets fails, the money placed as the stake in the Treble bet is lost.

Let’s try to understand this with an example.

Treble Bet Example

Let’s consider the odds in a football league as shown in the table below:

Selection Odds
1st bet Tottenham 2.4
2nd Bet Manchester United 1.9
3rd Bet Arsenal 2.5

Example: Teams and corresponding odds.

In this example, let’s assume that the Treble bet of USD 10 was placed on three different sporting events involving Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham and the corresponding winning odds are as shown in the table above.

When Liverpool win,

Payout = odds x stake = 2.4 x 10 = USD 24

Now, this USD 24 becomes a stake for the second bet with the winning odds of 1.9.

If Manchester United win,

Payout = odds x stake = 1.9 x 24= USD 45.6

Now, this USD 45.6 becomes a stake for the third bet with the winning odds of 2.5.

If Arsenal win,

Final payout = odds x stake = 2.5 x 45.6 = USD 114

Thus, the better would get a hefty payout of USD 114 if he wins all the three bets under the Treble bet. If he loses any one of the bets, however, then all the bets are lost and he loses the initial USD 10 stake.

Treble Bet vs Single Bet

Now, just to compare, let us assume the Single bet scenario in which these three bets were placed separately with a stake of USD 10 for each one.

If Liverpool win,

Payout = odds * stake = 2.4 x 10 = 24

If Manchester United win,

Payout = odds * stake = 1.9 x 10 = 19

If Tottenham win,

Pay-out = odds * stake = 2.5 x 10 = 25

Total payout = 24 + 19 + 25 = USD 68 

So, the total payout after investing USD 30 would be USD 68. Compare that to USD 114 for just USD 20 in the Treble bet scenario and you will understand why Treble bets are such an attractive option. In contrast, three single bets can lead to some profit even if one of the bets fail.

How to Calculate Treble Bet Final Payout Directly

Calculating the final payout in a Treble bet is very easy. It does not need a step-by-step approach every time. Let’s consider the Treble bet example mentioned above. To calculate the final payout, the formula is as shown below:

Final payout in a Treble bet

= (Odds of the 1st bet) x (Odds of the 2nd bet) x (Odds of the 3rd bet) x Initial Stake

= (2.4 * 1.9 * 2.5) * 10

= 11.4 * 10

= USD 114

What Sports to Bet on?

Treble bets are placed on various sporting events including but not limited to football, horse racing and tennis. The Treble bets can be placed on any three independent events of one or many of these sports.

How Do I Place a Treble?

Bookmakers make it very simple to place Treble bets on their websites. At 4brabet.com, all you have to do is to follow these steps.

1. Select Bet Type as “Accumulator

2. Select three bets you want to place from the list of events as shown below:

Once the bets are selected you can see them in the bet slip. The bet slip will show you the overall odds. Place your stake at the box given and click “Place a bet”.

The site will also show you the amount you are set to win if the Treble bet is successful. For the above example, the winning amount is INR 124.63 for a stake of just INR 10.

Pros and Cons of Treble Betting

You must have understood by now that Treble bets, though lucrative, come with some inherent risks. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of Treble bets.


  • Treble betting is simple to understand. There are no hidden rules.
  • The accumulated payout is much higher compared to that of three single bets placed.
  • The flexibility of choosing multiple distinct sporting events.
  • Placing Treble bets on low-value favourites that wouldn’t have earned you much in a single bet event have been proved very profitable if Treble bet is won.


  • Treble bets are very risky bets. All or nothing scenario mandates that all the three bets in the Treble must be won.
  • The failure to win a single bet can take away all the stake and earlier winning amount.
  • The hefty payout may lure betters into putting more on Treble bets where the chance of winning all the three bets are considerably low.


Treble bets are more audacious compared to the single ones. They are not to be indulged in on a daily basis. The generous returns are because of the rolling of three bets into a single bet giving you the hefty payout if successful. It comes with its risk though. You must make three correct predictions for those returns. It is, therefore, essential to know the sport inside out to place an informed bet.

A successful Treble bet is basically a balance of risk and reward. A carefully placed well-informed bet may earn you quite a big payout but betting randomly on three sporting events will surely lead to failure. As with any other type of betting, the one who can balance the risk and rewards with data and knowledge of the sport can make huge profits from Treble betting.

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