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Tricast Bet Calculator

December 21, 2020, 12:32
Tricast Bet Calculator


A tricast bet is used for horse races and greyhound races. It presents more complexity than a forecast bet as a bettor is required to predict three outcomes instead of the usual two. For tricast betting, you need a minimum of 8 horses taking part in a horse race and six greyhounds when it comes to greyhound betting.

With its increased difficulty comes a higher reward. Like the forecast bet, there are two types of the tricast bet which are:

  • Straight Tricast Bet;
  • Combination Tricast Bet.

Straight Tricast bets require the selection win in the exact sequence stated on the betting slip for the bettor to win. Combination tricasts, on the other hand, allow a situation where the selections win in more than one sequence. If you bet on a straight tricast, you would be worried about your selections winning in the order you have stated.

If you went for a combination tricast, you would be less preoccupied with the exactness of the outcome. However, you should take into consideration the higher stake needed to place your bet on one unit of a tricast combination. Tricast bets differ from trifectas in this. Tricast bets use computer-generated dividends to calculate total returns, while trifectas use the total number of winners in a tote pool to calculate each winner’s returns.

Tricast Betting Odds Calculator

Calculating Straight Tricast Odds

Let us assume a punter stakes INR 500 on the following:

Cost of one straight tricast, 500 x 1 stake = 500 units

Selected horses Positions Win/lose
Rapid fire 1st  


Monohan boy 2nd
Feather light 3rd

Assuming the computer-generated odds are 90, then this punter will be getting his winnings calculated in the following way:

500 x 90 = INR 45000.

As stated earlier, this type of tricast betting is difficult to predict, but the reward that comes with it quite handsome for such little amounts staked.

Calculating Combination Tricast Odds

Let’t take a look at an example of how to make successful tricast bets with three selections – Horse A, B and C. Any of these combinations of outcomes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd will mean the punter has won:

  • A, B, C
  • A, C, B
  • B, A, C
  • B, C, A
  • C, A, B
  • C, B, A

The cost of having so many outcomes is reflected in how expensive it is to stake on one combination tricast.

To stake INR 1 on a combination tricast, you will need to pay INR 6.

Cost of 1 combination tricast: INR 1 x 6 stakes = INR 6

Selected combinations Outcome
a, b, c lost
a, c, b lost
b, a, c lost
b, c, a won
c, a, b lost
c, b, a lost

In this situation, as long as one of the selected combinations won, the punter would win. Assuming the computer-generated dividend is 100, if the punter stakes INR600, he will get 600/6=100 combination tricast bet units. His payout will be:

100 x 100= INR 10000.


Getting a straight tricast prediction is a bit difficult and the odds are more in your favour when with the combination tricast betting option, but the fact remains that with a little investment, you can make humungous returns. Try tricast betting today with us at 4rabet!

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