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Yankee Bet Explained

November 3, 2020, 11:20
Yankee Bet Explained


Yankee is essentially a multiple-bet accumulator that unites your four picks into eleven separate bets. These are divided into one fourfold, four trebles and six doubles, which ensures that you have eleven options to get the winning mix you want. An argument could be made that it is very close to the Lucky 15, which is also a famous winner for most players. However, Yankee works without singles. If you love Yankee in betting, 4rabet got you covered. The platform has a decent range of options to keep you entertained.

What Is a Yankee Bet?

An easy way to understand the principle of a Yankee bet is imagining selecting four teams – E, F, G, and H. Here are the selections

  • Double bets – EG, EF, EH, FH, FG,  and GH
  • Treble bets – EFG, EFH, EGH, and FGH
  • Fourfold- EFGH

To trigger a payout, at least two teams must win. This is how it works:

For double bets, you choose two teams, E and F, that are linked and you can win both to trigger a payout. If one of them loses, it is considered a losing bet. In case team E wins, your profits plus the original stakes are rolled over and the bet is automatically placed on team F. The same applies to treble bets and fourfold. All teams must win and in case a single one loses, the bet is concluded a loser. Similarly, the initial stake and profits undergo an automatic rollover until they reach a payout.

Why Choose a Yankee Bet?

The primary reason why you should choose a Yankee is that the risk of losing one selection in a multiple bet is diverse. If only one selection does not win, a typical accumulator is lost. If you are more optimistic that the majority of your choices win, then a Yankee will improve your chances of a good return on your stake. The Yankee bet is useful for backing Both Teams to Score, Correct Score bets, Win bets and Draw bets, as they tend to have long odds, which suit this multiple-bet type.

Different Yankee Types

There are three major types of Yankee bets.

Super Yankee (Canadian)

This Yankee bet consists of five selections with 26 bets. They include an accumulator of 1 fivefold, 5 fourfolds, 10 trebles and 10 doubles. To trigger a payout, a minimum of two selections must win.

Yankee – Four Leg

As mentioned above, this consists of four selections with 11 bets. These are divided into one fourfold, four trebles and six doubles. Two selections must win to trigger a payout.

Trixie (Patent) – Three Leg

This type consists of three selections with four separate bets including a treble and three doubles. Two selections must win to trigger a payout.

The table below illustrates the summary of Yankee types

Yankee Type No. of Bets No. of Selections Bet Structure
Super Yankee 26 5 10 trebles + 5 fourfold + 1 fivefold + 10 doubles
Yankee – 4 Leg 11 4 4 trebles + 1 fourfold + 6 doubles
Patent – 3 Leg 4 2 3 doubles + 1 treble

Where to Place Yankee Bets

Using Yankee in betting applies to a variety of sports, although the most popular ones are horse racing and football. For football, 4rabet accepts Yankees on match betting, but not on Both Teams to Score, Scorecasts, Half Time/Full Time and more. When it comes to horse racing Yankee, you only need to pick four horses that you believe will win. If you enjoy playing Yankees on horses, it is worth mentioning that you can also choose an option for each way.

Yankee Bet Advantages & Disadvantages


  • You get a high chance of winning. Using Yankee bets has far fewer risks and it spreads the risk in the end. Throughout your bet, there is a profit opportunity that creates confidence as you plan for the remaining bets on any given day.
  • In this betting, it is all about confidence and Yankee exemplifies that perfectly. You may not have had many wins and you may have lost hope of winning Yankee bets. However, Yankee bets still offer you chances to get back the money that you previously believed was lost.
  • The Super Yankee gives you a chance to win from 26 bets which could turn out highly profitable if you reach a payout.


  • It pays out lower than a typical accumulator on a pound-for-pound basis, which would automatically make it sound like a massive ‘no-no’ for most traditionalists. Besides, the stake value is high as you have to pay 11 times what you would have done initially.
  • Preventing the impulse would also be a significant hurdle for many players to get through. For most betting fanatics out there, it is always present. Alas, what it can do is teach you the art of analysis and persistence, although it seems like people give up the technique quite quickly, maybe because of a few early defeats.

Yankee Bet Explained (2)

Explanation: Higher Odds and Higher Payouts

Profitability relies on a wide range of variables that can be used by bettors to form a betting system for Yankees. Bettors may also add an option of 5 picks and 26 wagers to the wager by creating a super Yankee bet. It is a fair and very flexible type of wagering. In addition, depending on the odds of the teams you pick, the payout on your Yankee bet will vary widely.

If you have a Yankee with mostly heavy underdogs, your chances of hitting are slim but your payout would be enormous if even 2 teams manage to win. Betting on teams with smaller odds increases the probability of a reward but also decreases the amount of cash returned. It is a delicate risk/reward balance that must be taken into consideration before your bet is placed.


Understanding Yankee bet can be challenging at first, given the many combinations that go into this type of accumulator bet. However, bettors can learn, evolve and form a betting system that works best for them. There is no justification why this bet should not be another potentially profitable option for bettors to make. For the best Yankee offers, join the 4rabet sportsbook today and enjoy an incredible betting experience.

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