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Trixie Bet Explained: What Is a Trixie Bet?

October 28, 2020, 13:46
Trixie Bet Explained: What Is a Trixie Bet?

Sports betting is a wide field with different varieties of sports involved. Some sports are more common than others in some regions and not all sports betting sites provide access to bet on all kinds of sports. Sports you can bet on at 4rabet are sports that are peculiar to India. These sports include cricket, football, tennis, basketball, baseball and horse racing.

There are different types of bets in sports betting. Some are specific to certain games while others can be applied to different games. A Trixie bet is a common betting type that is made up of four bets placed on three selections across three games. The player wins when at least two out of three selections are wins. One of the common misconceptions about Trixie bets is that it cannot be placed as an each-way bet. This is not true. The article describes in detail what a Trixie bet is and provides other important information like how to calculate Trixie bets and the best sports Trixie bets can be placed on.

What Is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie bet is a three-selection bet which features four bets placed across different events. The bets placed are three doubles and one treble. What makes it stand out from other betting types is the absence of a single bet. The main advantage of a Trixie bet is that it increases your chances of winning. When bets are placed on three selections, as long as two selections end up as wins, you are guaranteed returns. Trixie bets protect your bets to an extent as even if one of your selections ends up as a loss, you still end up with returns. That said, the goal is to always have all three selections end up as wins.

The Trixie bet can be placed across different kinds of sports ranging from boxing, horse racing, football, basketball and many others. It is predominantly used in horse racing. It is important to note that one Trixie bet cannot be placed on events across different sports. Moreover, one Trixie bet cannot be placed on more than one outcome of the same event.

Reasons Why You Should Place Trixie Bets

  • There is a chance to win even if one selection does not turn out to be correct.
  • You can place bets across different games all at once.
  • The payouts are huge depending on the odds.

Trixie Bets vs Patent Bets

Trixie bet should not be mistaken for the patent bet which is made up of seven bets and also includes singles. A patent bet, just like the Trixie bet is also a three-selection bet. However, unlike the Trixie bet, the patent bet consists of three singles, three doubles and one treble. Also, unlike the Trixie bet, only one selection is required to win for returns to be got from the patent bet.

Patent bets are used predominantly in horse racing, whereas Trixie bets can be placed on all sports.

How to Calculate a Trixie Bet

How to go about calculating a Trixie bet might be the question coming to your mind after seeing different advantages of Trixie bets. Calculating a Trixie bet can be done either manually or with a bet calculator. It basically involves calculating the sum of the winning doubles and the winning treble. Considering the fact that the Trixie bet consists of four bets placed across three selections, calculating it manually can be rather hectic which is why we recommend using a Trixie bet calculator. The Trixie bet calculator is easy to use, follow the following simple steps to get started.

  • Enter the amount you intend to place on the Trixie bet. There are four bets in the Trixie bet, this means that if you intend to place 400 rupees for the bet, then each constituent bet will be 100 rupees.
  • After placing your bet, enter the odds format provided by 4rabet. The odds format can be either fractions, decimals, or moneyline.
  • After inputting the odds format, you then decide if you are placing an each-way bet or not. It is important to note that each-way bets are twice the cost of your straight bet. So going by our example, rather than 400 rupees, you will be using 800 rupees if it’s an each-way bet.
  • The last step in using the Trixie bet calculator is entering the odds provided by 4rabet.

After completing these steps, the Trixie bet calculator will show you your bet, expected returns and profit.

Calculating Trixie Bets Manually

Bettors who would rather calculate their Trixie bets manually can follow the steps outlined below. Calculating Trixie bets manually involves multiplying the odds of each game to get the final payout. In the example below, the odds are represented by alphabets “a, b, c”.

  • Wolves to win vs Crystal Palace – a
  • Man City to win vs Sheffield United – b
  • Burnley to win vs Chelsea – c

The Trixie bet will be as follows

  • Bet 1: Double – Wolves and Man City to win; a x b= ab
  • Bet 2: Double – Man City and Burnley to win; b x c= bc
  • Bet 3: Double – Wolves and Burnley to win; a x c= ac
  • Bet 4: Treble – Wolves, Man City, and Burnley to win; a x b x c = abc

Your total wins will therefore be (ab+bc+ac+abc) × total bet. As seen, Trixie bets have huge payouts if all predictions are correct.

How to Place a Trixie Bet

You can easily place a Trixie bet using the 4rabet app. Before doing this, ensure you have enough money on your account. If the money available is not adequate for your Trixie bet, you can easily make a deposit on 4rabet.

Now let’s continue, using football and, in particular, the English Premier League as an example. The first step to placing a Trixie bet is choosing three selections. From the example above:

  • Wolves to win vs Crystal Palace
  • Man City to win vs Sheffield United
  • Burnley to win vs Chelsea

After deciding this, look for the Trixie bet option in the bet slip of your 4rabet app. The Trixie bet will be as follows:

  • Bet 1: Double – Wolves and Man City to win
  • Bet 2: Double – Man City and Burnley to win
  • Bet 3: Double – Wolves and Burnley to win
  • Bet 4: Treble – Wolves, Man City and Burnley to win

After inputting the bets, confirm the bet to complete the process.

Each-Way Trixie Bets

Many bettors think they cannot place each-way Trixie bets and this is simply untrue. Each-way bets are generally bets that are twice the cost of a straight bet. For a Trixie bet, there will be eight bets in total. With an each-way Trixie bet, your bets are on both the wins and the places. Basically, four bets are to win and the remaining bets are for the placement (that is, the first three positions).

Outcomes of a Trixie Bet

There are four possible outcomes of a Trixie bet and they are:

  1. All predictions were wrong, this means you lose the bet.
  2. You get one prediction correctly, you also lose the bet.
  3. Two predictions are correct. This means you get a winning double, so your wins are given to you.
  4. All three predictions are correct, which means you get your full profit and returns.

What Sports Are Good for a Trixie Bet

Even though most people place these bets on horse racing, Trixie bets can in fact be used for any sport – the most important thing is having three selections. Trixie bet can be used in football because the odds are higher than those in other sports.

Essentially, when there are three games happening and you want to place a bet, you can place a Trixie bet instead of single bets and increase your chances of winning. Whatever sport it is, when there are three selections available at whatever time, a Trixie bet could be your best option. At 4rabet, you can place Trixie bets on sports like cricket (IPL too), football, horse racing, baseball, tennis, table tennis and basketball.

Summing up

Trixie bets are not as complex as they are usually painted to be. They are very profitable when compared to some other betting types. A Trixie bet contains three doubles and one treble placed across three selections. As long as two selections out of your three selections end up as a win, you will surely get returns on your stake. You can also place each-way Trixie bets to win from both your bets and their final places.

4rabet is a great sports betting site to try out Trixie bets and win big. You can start applying Trixie bets to your favourite sports as soon as you are done reading this. Don’t limit your betting abilities, try Trixie bets.

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