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Betting Accumulator Tips Explained

November 2, 2020, 12:38
Betting Accumulator Tips Explained


What exactly are accumulator tips? The real goal of accumulator tips is to help bettors maximise their chances of making a profit. Since betting is also a form of gambling, we can never be sure of the outcome of our bet. That is why there are accumulator tips. For this type of betting, experts are most often hired to advise us on how to bet.

What Is Accumulator Betting?

Let us explain what accumulator betting is. Speaking of this betting, we can say that it is the most common form of betting after single betting. It is also known as Combo Bet or Acca. An accumulator bet is a bet which you can place on more than one match (2, 3, 4 or more). In an accumulator bet, all matches you bet on represent one bet. In order for your bet to win, your predictions need to be correct for each match you have placed your bet on. If you do not guess the outcome of at least one match, your bet is considered lost. This type of betting is most interesting because with a relatively minimal stake (1 dollar, 2 dollars, etc.) you can make a big profit if you hit the matches right. Guessing as many match combinations as possible, you can certainly earn a lot of money.

With accumulator betting, you also have the advantage of betting on matches that start at different times (one match today, two tomorrow, etc.). What makes accumulator betting exciting is that with each match you correctly predict and with the anticipation of the remaining matches, you increase your chances of winning the entire bet.

What Are the Most Common Accumulator Tips

The basic rule in accumulator betting is that you should choose matches from the betting offer very carefully. In most cases, it is certainly most interesting to bet on big competitions such as world cups or continental championships and so on. However, teams of similar qualities almost always take part in big competitions, which is why they are the most difficult and risky to bet on.

The most common accumulator tips contain bets where you bet on matches in which you can predict victories of the favourites. In your bet, you can play on favourites from several leagues from different types of sports. In addition to betting on the final outcome, we can often bet on the number of goals, points-(over/under). We can also combine several betting types.

When and How Often Are Accumulator Tips Posted?

Accumulator tips are set depending on the day of the week and the current betting offer. In most countries, national competitions are usually held on weekends, so we can find the most tips for betting then. Most tips are placed even a few days before the start of the first match you have in your bet. This gives you more time to think and explore the matches you would like to bet on. Also, it is only your choice how many sports to bet on, exactly which matches will be included in your bet and what your stake will be.

However, accumulator tips do not have to apply only to matches that are played on weekends or other small-time periods. Around the world, many well-known and less famous competitions alike are held during the working days, so even then we can find a lot of suggestions for upcoming matches.

Which Matches and Sports Are Covered?

Accumulator tips exist for most sports including football, which is the most popular, basketball, tennis and so on.

The most important thing to consider when making an accumulator bet when it comes to football is not to put your money on unrealistic results. If you have a few unrealistic expectations, it will be almost impossible to hit your bet. It is definitely smarter to bet on more moderate or extreme favourites. Unlike football, in basketball or tennis, you only have two betting options for one match (home-away or over/under) so you have a smaller choice of possible outcomes which produces a better chance of hitting your bet.

Remember that, you can make your bet more interesting since your bet can also include matches from several different sports. If you are more experienced, you should try these bets as well.

Here at 4rabet.com, you can find a variety of sporting events that you can combine to place your unique bet.

Betting Accumulator Tips Explained

How Do Experts Choose Accumulator Selections?

As we have already said, there are certain experts who research in detail all factors that can affect a sporting event. Experts spend the vast majority of their time researching and analysing even the smallest details related to one or more sporting events.

Some of the experts recommend one or possibly two different sports whose bets are placed as a suggestion. Usually, the experts are focused on one or two sports maximum (it is unrealistic to expect that one expert can give tips on three or more different sports considering the amount of focus and research needed).

Given that just predicting the outcome of a match is a very responsible and complicated matter, experts are quite careful and thorough in collecting the necessary information for a particular match to justify the punters’ expectations.

Experts advise players that the odds offered by bookmakers for a certain match are not always decisive but many other factors are also very important.

For a successful prediction, it is very important for experts to be up to date and to constantly monitor all events of almost every team that they will propose for betting. The first and perhaps the most important thing is the starting lineups in which the teams will play, that is, whether there are injured or suspended players for that match.

Experts will surely deal with the statistics for the match they will propose. Sometimes statistics can say a lot about selected teams. Experts pay a lot of attention to statistics but also advise that it sometimes has nothing to do with the final outcome of the match. For this reason, statistics are usually given as a contribution to the match offered by the expert.

For example, in a match, Liverpool-Manchester United statistics show that a lot of goals are scored, so the expert will suggest two, three or more goals, but also the expert will say that the match is a big derby, so the statistics do not have to play a decisive role.

We can also say this for the matches such as Real Madrid-Barcelona and so on.

According to experts, it is important to consider that it is more preferable to bet on a team that is on a winning streak than to bet against it. Every expert will tell you that this is a very important rule of betting and you should always pay your attention to it. Making a bet that a team on a winning streak will lose carries an enormous risk which is not often worth it. Some say that this is perhaps the most important rule to consider when accumulating betting.

How to Work out Accumulator Odds?

Although it seems complicated to understand how the odds are calculated in your bet, it is actually very simple to calculate your potential winnings.

In an accumulator bet, the odds are multiplied by each other. When you multiply them, you get a total number of odds on your bet. For example, if you have four matches with the odds of 1.4 on each match, your final odds will be calculated as shown below:

1.4 x 1.4 x 1.4 x1.4 = 3.84

Your odds total is 3.84, so the money invested will be multiplied by that coefficient. For example,

3.84 x $ 10 = $ 38.4

You can see one of the examples in the table below.

Your bet Result Odds Bet result
Liverpool to win 3:0 1.4 WON
Barcelona to win 1:0 1.4 WON
Bayern to win 1:0 1.4 WON
Juventus to win 2:1 1.4 WON
Total odd Stake Winnings
3.84 $10 $38.4

Advantages of Accumulator Betting

The biggest advantage of accumulator betting is that with a small investment you can make quite a big profit. Just watching the matches you bet on brings you more enjoyment, even in cases when your bet seems risky.

Another advantage of accumulator betting is that you can bet on many matches from different sports.

In Conclusion

If you decide to try accumulator betting, you should first inform yourself carefully. If you are not completely sure, you can turn to experts who suggest accumulator betting tips. Think about how much you are willing to invest in this type of betting. Even though this way of betting is a bit riskier, you will need the best odds and information about upcoming sporting events to reduce the risk and maximise the potential profits. Therefore, visit 4rabet.com where you have a wide offer of various matches played around the world to bet on.

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