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Football Betting Strategy

December 25, 2020, 12:42
Football Betting Strategy


Many people bet on soccer just for the fun of it, while others make it some form of business. On whichever divide you stand, losing is something you don’t want to experience. No one wants to keep sinking money into an unproductive well.

Sports betting isn’t a funfair exactly. There are too many variables and factors to consider whenever you stake some money on an outcome. If you have the aspiration of winning money, betting without a plan can be equivalent to failure.

That said, there is a need to bet strategically and in this article, we have outlined some successful betting strategies that you can practice and refine for yourself. But before we delve into that, we would like you to consider these points about these betting strategies:

  • Like other businesses, you will have to do lots of research to discover what strategies will work best for you.
  • While trying out new strategies, it’s best to stake marginally on them and watch how well they work before you go entirely in.
  • Keep learning, refining and perfecting whatever systems you have developed so that you get the best advantage in the long run.

That said, let’s jump in.

Specific Football Betting Strategies that Work

1. Goliath Bets

This strategy involves betting on as many as eight (8) outcomes but not with an 8-fold accumulation. When you make eight (8) selections and choose the Goliath bet option, you get as many as 247 possible outcomes that are automatically covered, ranging from doubles to a total 8-fold win. The full breakdown involves 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, eight (8) seven-folds and one (1) eight-fold accumulator, all totalling 247 bets.

The more correct selections you made out of the 8, the more the winnings you get to take home. You need two selections to come correct if you want to win something, even if it might not necessarily be an overall profit. The cost of a single Goliath bet stake is relatively high and if you want to stake 1 Goliath bet, you would be required to pay INR 247 as a result of the 247 possible outcomes.

To calculate the win on a Goliath bet, you add together the return on each winning double, treble, four, five, six, seven and eight-fold bet. Lastly, Goliath bets require in-depth knowledge of the game to make decisions that guarantee substantial winnings.

2. Arbitrage Betting

This strategy may not be employed by most people, as it is seen as some far-off concept. In reality, it happens to be one of the surest ways to make a profit. You would need to make use of variance in odds between different bookmakers for matched betting to work.

If you explore odds well enough, from time to time, you will discover a designation of odds by bookmakers that, when calculated, will ensure you will end up with a profit irrespective of the outcome. Most times, the gain is usually marginal, but if you stake a lot more, you can get a bigger return on the money invested (even more than bank dividends) all in just one game. A practical example of this is:

Bookmaker  Game: Liverpool vs. Leicester city  Odds
4rabet Liverpool to Win 1.53
Bet brand B Leicester to Win 3.10

If in this situation, a punter has INR 1000 to stake, he can arrange his bets in such a way that in whatever outcome, he wins something. This arrangement works in the following way:

He must stake INR 330.5 on 4rabet and if he wins, he goes home with 1024.55 x 3.1= INR 1024.55.

At the same time, he has to be staking INR 669.5 on bet brand B. If he wins here, he goes home with

669.5 x 1.53= INR 1024.335.

In total, betting on the outcomes simultaneously with two different bookmakers, he would have spent INR 1000 and got a profit of at least INR 24.33. This is as big as 2.5% on top of his initial offering just for one game in one day. Imagine if the pundit decides to stake higher, say, INR 10,000 or even INR 100,000, the overall profit will get bigger.

That’s a better deal than a lot of investment opportunities you see around. This method is best at minimising risk while ensuring returns. We think this betting type is viable and you might want to try it out.

3. Live and Half-Time Betting

These betting styles provide a wider variety of ways in which bettors can win cash on football games. Live betting options are displayed on betting sites while the matches are being played. The odds change as the events on the pitch unfold. For instance, if a team suddenly becomes more possessive and dominant in the game, their odds begin to align favouring winning or scoring more goals.

Half-time betting involves making selections and staking on possibilities that you expect to happen in the first half due to the trends you might have noticed in the first half. It is important to note that both of these betting strategies heavily rely on the bettor’s active participation and attention to the game to be effectively executed. The advantage of this strategy is the diversity of opportunities it offers to generate winnings. Still, the downside remains that undisciplined and inexperienced bettors can easily lose a lot of money quickly.

4. Matched Betting

This feature is one that comes up more and more these days as new bookmakers appear online. These new bookmakers give free bets sometimes. If you work with this free bet, you can do some kind of arbitrage with it. It is always important to know that this strategy works only with free bets.

A classic example is: if 4rabet decides to give a free bet of up to INR 500 on Liverpool vs. Leicester City game, the best way to take advantage of this and play a matched bet would be to bet on any of them to win (i.e., that the match does not end in a draw) and then to look for another bookmaker, say, bet brand B and lay the draw (this means to bet against the initial free bet) that the game would instead end in a draw as against the initial back bet where you bet on Leicester to win.

Bookmaker  Game Selection Odds  Amount staked 
4rabet The match does not end in a draw Free(5.0) 500 =25
Bet brand B The match ends in a draw 5.5 454

If the match ends in a win for Liverpool, the punter will be getting 500 x 5.0 = 2500 – 500 = 2000 (because the free bet stake is subtracted).

Meanwhile, for the lay bet, he would have lost only the INR 454 and his net profit would be 2000 – 454= INR 1546. If the punter loses the first bet, i.e., the match ends in a draw, he would lose the free bet but win the second and that would be;

454 x 5.5 = INR 2497.

In all, it’s a win-win situation. The only issue is that most times, betting companies will require that you pay a little token of a few INR to qualify for the promo.

5. Handicap Betting

Handicap in betting is a tool used by bookmakers to level the playing field between opponents that may have a significant disparity in their prowess, thus making the game more exciting and unpredictable. It is an arrangement where a side is given either a deficit or an advantage. Usually, this is done before the game is played. It can be used as a strategy to your advantage. There are different types of this: there is the Asian handicap, 3-way handicap, no-draw handicap and single handicap.

6. Kelly Criterion

This is an age-old tool used more commonly in the stock exchange. It requires a lot of research as you will try to determine and calculate the probability of a win. To properly prosecute this strategy, it is vital to have a pool of money dedicated to this bet; we call this sum ‘the bankroll.’

The Kelly criterion is as detailed as prescribing what percentage of our bankroll we are to deploy in a bet. If we reach a disproportionately higher value for probability against the odds of winning upon calculation, the punter is advised to stake more of his bankroll as there is a greater likelihood for a win.

For instance, let’s take the earlier used example of Liverpool vs Leicester City. If we want to stake on Liverpool and they have odds of 1.53 with a probability of 80%(0.80), the overlay value is calculated as:

(Probability x Odds)-1

(0.80 x 1.53) = 1.04

1.04-1 =0.04= 4% value

The value is vital in determining if you should stake. If the value is negative, you shouldn’t bother betting. In this case, the value is positive, so we can calculate what percentage of our payroll we can use. Here is the formula:


0.4/(1.35-1) = 0.4 x 0.35= 0.14 or 14% of your payroll.

Hence, only 14% of your payroll should be used for this bet. Following the first example, we can assume that the punter has a payroll of INR 1000; therefore, he will be taking a total of INR 150 on Liverpool winning.

Football Betting Strategy

Why Choose 4rabet?

A lot of these strategies listed above are dependent on the bookie. It is of utmost importance that your bookmaker is efficient enough to offer these services and extras that make for choice. They also need to be trustworthy enough for you to know that your bets are in good hands. You don’t have to worry about looking for one because right here, at 4rabet, we offer the most expansive range of services, bonuses and programs that have been tested and trusted by many of our customers.

In addition to that, we boast a highly responsive customer care team ready to guide customers, explain seemingly complex ideas and concepts, take complaints and resolve them in record turn-around time.

We are the brand you can always trust for the very best odds and free bets.


Needless to say, not all the strategies that have been examined work for everyone. You will have to find your niche and that may be reached through trial and error. The most significant thing is that you learn from your mistakes and put that knowledge you have gleaned to productive use subsequently. The sky is your limit when it comes to how much you can achieve. Always bet responsibly!

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