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Lucky 31 Bet Explained

February 1, 2021, 10:45
Lucky 31 Bet Explained

What Is a Lucky 31 Bet?

The Lucky 31 bet is a bet which consists of a total of 31 bets placed in five different selections. It is one of the popular ways of laying bets in such sports as horse racing, football and many others. There are 31 parts to it and hence, the name Lucky 31. The most common scenarios in the Lucky 31 bet are ‘all winners’, ‘one loser’ and ‘one winner’.

The order in which bets are placed for Lucky 31 does not matter or rather is not that important as across all 31 bets, each of the five selections picked will appear the same number of times. The 31 bets of the Lucky 31 consist of the following five selections:

  • 5 singles;
  • 10 doubles;
  • 10 trebles;
  • 5 fourfold accumulators;
  • 1 fivefold accumulator.
Part of Lucky 31 Bet Selection Permutations (1-5) Number of Bets
Single 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 5
Double 12, 13, 14, 15, 23, 24, 25, 34, 35, 45 10
Treble 123, 124, 125, 134, 135, 145, 234, 235, 245, 345 10
Fourfold 1234, 1235, 1245, 1345, 2345 5
Fivefold 12345 1
Total: 31

Lucky 31 Bet Calculator

A Lucky 31 bet calculator is used to calculate the returns. It provides you with a very convenient method of calculating your potential returns and profits based on your selections and the betting odds. The calculation for all the 31 bets is done by entering a few important values and clicking a few buttons.

The Lucky 31 bet calculator needs the following values to calculate the probable profits (or losses):

  • Bet Type (Lucky 31 in this case);
  • Odds Format (Decimals, fractions or American);
  • Each Way (Yes or No);
  • Rule 4 (Yes or No);
  • Dead Heat (Yes or No);
  • Each selection that you have made along with the respective outcome and odds;
  • Stake Type (Stake per bet or total stake);
  • Total Stake Amount.

How exactly does a Lucky 31 Bet work? Here is an example.

When a Lucky 31 bet is made, the bettor is putting his stake for a total of 31 bets. Thus, the amount that will be involved is going to be divided equally among the 31 bets and five selections that are a part of the bet. The profit earned from the bet will largely depend on the selections that have returned with a win and the odds for each bet.

In order to better understand how Lucky 31 Bet works let’s take a look at an example. It will show how and when would the initial investment yield returns and when it would turn into profit. For instance, let’s suppose that you place Rs 1 on each bet in a Lucky 31. That makes it a total investment of Rs 31 as there are 31 bets. Let’s also assume that each player, team, or horse is placed at Rs 2.00. The following table clearly demonstrates when the Lucky 31 bet would turn into profit.

Number of selections that won Returns  Profit 
0 0 Rs  -31
1 Rs 3 Rs -28
2 Rs 8 Rs -23
3 Rs 26 Rs -5
4 Rs 80 Rs 49
5 Rs 242 Rs 211

From the above table one can see that for you to turn your investment into profit, at least four out of the five selections that you have made need to return with a win. Three selections turning into a win will almost bring you to break even, while 0 to 2 selections returning with a win will incur losses.

Please note, this is just a basic example of how a Lucky 31 could work. The Lucky 31 bet calculator will calculate returns and profits for various investments, taking into account all permutations and combinations.

Lucky 31 Bets in Football

In football, the Lucky 31 bet isn’t placed on a particular game. It largely applies to a tournament with multiple teams involved. Here, you bet on the particular team to finish in a certain position in the tournament and if four out of your five selections or predictions turn out to be true, you will make a profit.

Lucky 31 Bets in Horse Racing

Lucky 31 betting is very popular in horse racing. Here, you pick five horses as your selections. So, if four of your five selections end up in winning positions or rather finish the way you have predicted them to (in no particular order), you will make a profit.

Pros and Cons of the Lucky 31 Bet

Usually, a traditional straight bet is either a win or a loss. There is nothing in between. However, in the Lucky 31 bet, you can minimise your losses and even gain higher returns if most of your selections return with a win.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of the Lucky 31 Bet is that the investment involved is much higher as there are 31 bets and the stake needs to be spread across all the 31 bets. Moreover, you need most of your selections to win.

It could well be seen as a bet which involves a higher stake and higher risk but the one that can bring you higher profits if most of your predictions turn out to be right.

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