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Over/Under Betting Explained

December 1, 2020, 11:20
Over/Under Betting Explained


Bookmakers come up with different types of bets to ensure that all bettors are catered for adequately. Under/over betting is one of such betting options. Under/over betting is one of the most common types of bets – it is the second most popular bet after a moneyline bet. Under/over bets allow you to support or oppose either of the two playing teams. Moreover, you can make a bet without choosing a side.

What Is Over/Under Betting?

Under/over bets are also referred to as Totals bet. Totals are the combined score of both teams in a given event. The total score is set by the bookmaker based on the expected total score of the game. An over/under bet predicts whether the final score will be over the cumulative score set by the bookmakers or under the total score.

For example, the total score expected in a basketball game is 160 and you have placed an over bet. If the team scores above 160, you win the bet, if not, you lose. This allows support for both teams. An over bet is placed if you think they are both good enough to beat the totals. You can oppose both teams if you believe they will not score as high as the total score set. In this case, you place an under bet.

Another example is a football match. The total expected score is usually 2.5. If you place an over bet and the total number of goals in the game sums up to over 2.5, you win, if not, you lose the bet. The same rule applies for the under bet.

The following are more examples.

Where W – Won, L – Lost, R – Refunded

With some sports, the over/under bet can be placed on the number of goals expected, number of runs, number of fouls, penalties, etc. Basically, you can place an over/under bet on any game statistic with a total number.

Best Sports for Over/Under Betting

This is based on a bettor’s preference and location. Bettors in India are more likely to place over/under bets on cricket, soccer, tennis, hockey, football. Bettors interested in other games can bet on basketball, baseball, volleyball, or rugby.


Cricket is the most common game in India, which is why bettors prefer to place over/under bets on cricket matches. Bettors can place over/under bets on the following events in cricket:

  • Number of wickets a bowler takes;
  • Number of runs a batsman scores.


Before coming up with a basketball game total, sportsbooks check the team’s history and past statistics. Totals in basketball can range from 160 to 220. Over/under bets in basketball can be placed on the following:

  • Total number of points in a quarter;
  • Number of assists;
  • Number of blocks;
  • Number of steals.


In men’s tennis, the total number is usually between 23.5 and 24.5 for a best of three games. This is lower in women’s tennis, where the number usually ranges between 20.5 and 21.5. Over/under bets should be placed based on players’ strengths and previous history. In tennis, you can bet on the following:

  • Number of games;
  • Number of services;
  • Number of sets;
  • Total number of scores.


In soccer, over/under bet goes mostly with a total of 2.5 goals. This does not mean that this is the only possible number of goals for all soccer games. Some bookmakers give bettors a chance to bet at over/under 1.5 and 3.5.

A player who places bets on these odds is quite precise and will win big because very few people do this. The payout odds of the bet vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Over/under bets in soccer can be placed on the following:

  • Number of goals;
  • Number of yellow cards;
  • Number of penalties;
  • Number of fouls.


On average, total scores in football matches are around 40 points. A lot of things are to be put into consideration when placing an over/under bet in football: weather conditions, team’s offense and defense. You can place a bet on individual players on the team.

Over/under bet in football can be placed on:

  • Total number of down conversions;
  • Field goal percentage;
  • Rushing yards;
  • Number of touchdowns a player will get;
  • Number of sacks a player will get.

Strategies for Over/Under Bets

Despite this betting type being rather simple to understand, it is critical to get in the game with some good winning strategies. These strategies will guide your decisions when choosing over or under bets while betting on your favourite sports.

  • Take note of the weather. Weather conditions affect both the game and the internet connection. Sportsbooks might be unable to update the odds if the weather is bad.
  • When there are multiple lines, use them. This increases the amount you win if you guess correctly.
  • Check out the coach’s history and his plans for the game. Is the coach conservative? Does he have a tendency to score big? What are the past scores?
  • Check out the game in bits. What drives the player? How well does he function within his team?

Making Profits with Over/Under Betting

Different sportsbooks have different odds available for over/under bets. Usually, the payout of the bet is at -110 regardless if it is an over or an under bet. If you place 100 rupees on an over/under bet and you end up being correct, you will be getting a profit of 90.91 rupees.

The payout odds can change depending on the sportsbook, therefore adjusting the final amount of profits gained, but this is the standard process. Some sportsbooks have different payout rates for over and under bets, which alters the ultimate win.


Over/under bets are popular because of the flexibility they provide bettors with. They allow you to place bets on the possibility of the cumulative outcome of different game events irrespective of the winner. Visit the 4rabet bet section and place your over/under bet on the upcoming cricket game and other sports available.

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