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Top Greatest Test Bowlers These Days

Yogesh Gupta
January 24, 2022, 14:29
Top Greatest Test Bowlers These Days


You may think that who would wish to be a bowler nowadays? Who would like to deliver balls with variations in hot weather, flat pitch, and against players like Rohit Sharma and Aaron Finch? Sounds daunting, right?

Despite all these barriers and daunting facts, several bowlers are standing on the pitch to deliver consistent performance for their respective countries. With the increasing popularity of cricket, bowlers are getting more love from fans, and they’re getting eager to find out the top ten test bowlers as of 2022.

You can know it all with the help of this table, and the list discussed below. So, let’s start.

Rank Name Points Country
1 Pat Cummins 898 Australia
2 Ravichandran Ashwin 839 India
3 Kagiso Rabada 828 South Africa
4 Kyle Jamieson 825 New Zealand
5 Shaheen Afridi 822 Pakistan
6 Tim Southee 795 New Zealand
7 James Anderson 788 England
8 Josh Hazlewood 786 Australia
9 Neil Wagner 775 New Zealand
10 Jasprit Bumrah 763 India

Note: The above-mentioned table, based on the top 10 test bowlers, is subject to constant change.

Now, for your better understanding, check the list below describing every test bowler present in this top-ranking list.

1. Patrick Cummins – Australia

Pat Cummins is currently ranked one in the list of top 10 bowlers in test cricket. This Australian bowler is renowned for his magnificent performance on the pitch in Test cricket format. With 898 points, he is leading the ICC bowler’s ranking list in Test cricket.

He currently holds the overall economy rate of 2.77 and has taken 27.21% of team wickets. This right-arm fast bowler can scare the best of batters on the pitch. He has a relatively short career in Test format, but his consistent hard work and dedication towards the game may help him to dominate the ranking list for the long haul.

2. Ravichandran Ashwin – India

Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the best bowlers in Test cricket. This cricketing hero from India currently ranks second in the list of top-ranking bowlers in Test cricket. With 839 points, he is a nightmare for many batters on the pitch. Ashwin needs no introduction as he’s well-known for the ripping off-break, handy batting, and great bowling variations.

This right-arm off-break bowler currently holds an economy rate of 2.77 in Test cricket. With an average of 24.38 and a total of 430 wickets in Test cricket, he is undoubtedly one of the finest spinners in the world. He is one of the most consistent and reliable bowlers in a deciding Test cricket match.

3. Kagiso Rabada – South Africa

Kagiso Rabada is surely one of the best bowlers in Test cricket that brings terror to the opponent’s side when bowling. The most amazing thing about Rabada is that he can swing the ball as well as a bowl with rapid pace, both incredibly. Apart from Michelle Starc, there’s no other bowler who could match his three facet excellence.

Rabada is a right-arm fast bowler with an average of 22.43 in Test cricket. He has an economy rate of 3.3 and a total of 233 wickets in his Test career, which shows why he deserves to be in this list of top 10 test bowlers. He has the potential to end his career as a legendary paceman, and it’s believable too.

4. Kyle Jamieson – New Zealand

Kyle Jamieson is a young right-arm fast-medium bowler from New Zealand who has bagged the fourth position in the current ranking of top ten test bowlers. He has played a total of 12 Test matches in his career with 24 innings, in which he managed to perform incredibly. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to take 60 wickets in just 12 Test matches.

With an average of 17.3 and an economic rate of 2.51, there’s no stopping for this young talent from New Zealand. He has never failed to surprise his fans with spectacular bowling performances on the pitch, and they all expect to see more from him. With this similar form and dedication, it’s safe to say that he will continue to move up the ranking list.

5. Shaheen Afridi – Pakistan

Shaheen Afridi is a 21-year-old left-arm fast-medium bowler from Pakistan whose bowling potential is infinitely scary for the batters. Shaheen has completely mesmerized the cricketing world with his impeccable performance during the ICC T20 world cup.

He has a Test bowling average of 23.9 and an economy rate of 3.0, which is absolutely insane. Shaheen has gained huge recognition and respect in a short span. With 86 wickets in 21 Test matches, he shows a promising talent for being one of the best bowlers in Test cricket of all time.

6. Tim Southee – New Zealand

With 795 points on the table, Tim Southee is currently in the sixth position in the top ten Test bowlers list. Southee played 83 Test matches in his career, where he took 329 wickets while maintaining an economy rate of 2.9, which is impressive.

His Test bowling average is 28.26, and there’s no doubt that he’s one of the best bowlers of the New Zealand team who ensured several wins for the team.

7. James Anderson – England

James Anderson is England’s one of the best right-arm fast-medium bowlers who holds the seventh ranking with 788 points in the current top ten Test bowlers ranking list. James is often called the Swing King by his teammates, and fans believe that he’s aging like a fine wine, getting better with age.

In his Test career, he played 169 matches and took 640 wickets with an average of 26.58. His economy rate is 2.8, and he’s still a scary opponent for many batters on the field.

8. Josh Hazlewood – Australia

Josh Hazlewood is a magnificent right-arm fast-medium bowler from Australia. He has played a total of 56 Test matches, in which he took 215 wickets with an average of 25.64. ‘

His steady performance is what makes him so popular. Injury and poor form may have pushed this bowler down the list, but his capabilities and potential can make him rise high.

9. Neil Wagner – New Zealand 

Neil Wagner is one of the finest left-arm medium-fast bowlers from New Zealand. This amazing Test cricket bowler has played a total of 47 Test matches, in which he took 204 wickets while maintaining an economy rate of 3.06. There’s no doubt that the young cricketer will shine and rise in his long career ahead.

10. Jasprit Bumrah – India

After Ashwin and Jadeja, India has got its new best spinner – Jasprit Bumrah. In his career of 27 Test matches, Bumrah managed to grab 113 wickets in his name with an economy of 2.66. This praiseworthy achievement has led Bumrah to enter the top-ranking list of the best bowlers in test cricket.

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